Trends Report: Introducing Forrester's Financial Services Customer Trust Index

Measure How Your Bank Earns Customers’ Trust

In an era where trust is the cornerstone of successful business relationships, assessing and understanding the degree to which your customers trust your brand is imperative. This trust can drive revenue and foster long-lasting client relationships for financial services providers.

Forrester, a global market research company known for its keen industry insights, has released a ground-breaking report entitled “Introducing Forrester’s Financial Services Customer Trust Index.”
This index offers a comprehensive analysis of the trust consumers place in their financial service providers.

Why Should Banks Care About the Financial Services Customer Trust Index?

The answer is simple: trust equates to revenue. However, many firms still need to learn what fosters customer trust and how to quantify it effectively.

Forrester’s FS Customer Trust Index helps you measure customer trust and provides actionable insights on how to earn it.

Access the report to:

  • Assess customer trust in real-time
  • Understand the critical drivers of customer trust
  • Implement prioritized initiatives that amplify trust and revenue

Your brand’s growth is closely tied to the trust your customers place in you. Read the report to navigate the complexities of building and measuring trust.

Measure customer trust.

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