Faster Payments, Evolving
Threats: A Strategy Guide
 for Banks

Embrace the Faster Payments Future

Faster payments hold incredible promise for commerce. For consumers, there’s the near-instant gratification of getting paid or paying important bills. Meanwhile, businesses can enjoy streamlined transactions and a steady cash flow. Regulators can enjoy the economic benefits of financial stability.

However, the advanced speed of payments also creates a complex challenge for banks and financial institutions as they seek to keep real-time payments (RTP) safe. This situation puts the bank’s entire fraud department under immense pressure as they seek to balance real-time payments with real-time decisions, stop fraudsters from exploiting the speed of RTP, and rapidly resolve fraud alerts.

Our new eBook, Faster Payments, Evolving Threats: A Strategy Guide for Banks, is a guide for fraud leaders within financial institutions to successfully navigate the complexities of real-time payments. Read the eBook to learn:

  • How real-time payments change the dynamics for fraud teams
  • Strategies for combating authorized fraud (scams)
  • Operational efficiency and advanced fraud prevention techniques
  • How to build a comprehensive, multi-layered fraud defence framework
  • How to future-proof fraud prevention efforts

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