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Lloyds Banking Group and the road to PSD2


The stakes are high as PSD2 leads the way to open banking, and as new innovators rush in to upend traditional methods. Banks face the challenge of designing new strategies to prosper in a post-PSD2 world.

In a new webinar with Feedzai, Lloyds Banking Group shares their PSD2 journey. Join a conversation between Andrew Renshaw, Head of Digital Fraud & Customer Experience at Lloyds, and Richard Harris, Head of International Operations at Feedzai.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What change management and technological challenges did Lloyds overcome in order to prepare for PSD2?
  • What steps did they take to build a future-proof strategy that could meet the unknowns of PSD2?
  • How will they use machine learning for post-PSD2 risk management and customer experience?


Watch along as the PSD2 expert Jonathan Williams joins the conversation to provide a global perspective on the broad influence of PSD2 on the payments landscape in Europe. He also dispells some common PSD2 misconceptions. Don’t miss out on this informing presentation!

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