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Protecting Customersfrom Phishing Attacks

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Phishing attacks rely on deceptive email campaign tactics to trick consumers into revealing their personal information. Fraudsters can use these compromised credentials to launch account takeover attacks. Phishing attacks offer large rewards for fraudsters with little risk of getting caught or arrested – meaning cybercriminals are highly motivated to continue this type of fraud.

The Fraud Detection and Response Platform (FDR) from Revelock, a Feedzai company, preemptively protects web and mobile banking apps from phishing. Download our solution sheet to learn how the FDR platform:

  • Stops customer exploitation in real-time by redirecting customers away from malicious websites
  • Automates follow-on actions, including stepping-up login authentications or locking out the account
  • Disrupts fraudster’s networks by blocking future attempts to compromise other users or create new, fake accounts.
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