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Q2 2022 Financial Crime Report: The RiskOps Age

People are not only transacting digitally more often, but are also doing so from a plethora of devices and accounts. In other words, we’re drowning in data. Each data point represents a chance for fraudsters to commit fraud – and for banks to stop it. From a fraudster’s point of view, it’s the best case scenario. For financial risk teams, it’s a tipping point. The year 2021 ushered in the age of RiskOps. Now is the time to fundamentally change how organizations manage the risk of fraud and financial crime to thrive in the coming years.

In this exciting webinar, Leonor Frazao, Feedzai’s senior data scientist, and Rob Rendell, Feedzai’s Vice President of Payment Solutions, and Indigo Wilmann, Feedzai’s Senior Manager of Global Content Marketing discuss the results of Feedzai’s Financial Crime Report: The RiskOps Age. The results, which look at 18 billion exclusive transactions, identify some of the biggest trends in consumer spending and fraud attacks of 2021. Among the findings outlined in the report:

  • A 233% increase in online fraud attack rates overall;
  • Miami fraud rates increase 511% to top the list of 2021 U.S. Tourist Cities for Fraud;
  • Account Takeover (ATO) tops the list of global fraud scams for 2021.

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