Quadrant names Feedzai a Leader in Enterprise Fraud Management (EFM)

Quadrant’s latest Enterprise Fraud Management (EFM) survey names Feedzai as a Leader in the global EFM market for our flagship Transaction Fraud for Banking (TFB) solution.

As fraudsters grow more innovative at evading fraud detection systems, advanced EFM solutions are helping banks and financial institutions by minimizing fraud losses with improved fraud detection and prevention, more accurate fraud investigations, enhanced customer experiences, and by fulfilling compliance with shifting global regulations.

Download the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix: Enterprise Fraud Management (EFM) 2021 report to learn about how Feedzai’s TFB solution:

  • Delivers real-time fraud prevention to detect and stop fraud using hypergranular profiles;
  • Enables automated data ingestion from any source to a standardized format;
  • Reveals hidden transaction connections that enable more effective decision-making.

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