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Money20/20: Real-Life Lessons for Risk Leadership

Risk leaders constantly find themselves walking a tightrope. It’s these leader’s responsibility to oversee their organization’s risk management processes, inspire teams, and pursue new opportunities. At the same time, they must navigate potential risks posed by a rapidly shifting fraud and financial crime landscape. By no means is this an easy balance to manage – even for senior executives!

What can professional risk-takers teach risk leaders about modern enterprise risk management practices? Feedzai CEO Nuno Sebastiao recently joined some of the world’s most celebrated risk-takers at Money20/20 Europe for “Faster, Higher, and Into Orbit.”

Watch our session to learn real-life lessons on how to manage risk and translate them into long-term success.

Featured speakers:

Susie Wolff
British former professional racing driver and CEO of Venturi Racing in Formula E

Tim Peake
British ESA astronaut and Former Air Force Major

Alain Robert
Urban free climber

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