Scam Prevention in Asia Pacific: A Survey of Banking and Payment Provider Professionals

Scams are a growing threat  to consumers and financial institutions across Asia-Pacific. There are significant differences in the approach being adopted by banks and payment providers in each country.  Feedzai and Chartis have therefore completed a survey of payment fraud professionals across the region to compare both best practice and where certain countries are lagging behind. The report “Scam Prevention in Asia-Pacific: A Survey of Banking and Payment Provider Professionals” is published to coincide with the Singapore FinTech Festival and International Fraud Awareness Week.

The research considers several key themes:

  • The financial, reputational and human impacts of scams.
  • Financial institutions’ confidence in detecting scams, and their priorities for tackling them.
  • The approaches they are taking to detect, assess and report scams.
  • Their level of current preparedness, and their plans to improve their systems.

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