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Unlock Cutting-Edge Scam Prevention Strategies in Asia-Pacific: Exclusive Insights from Industry Leaders

Scams are not just a threat; they’re an evolving crisis impacting consumers and financial giants across Asia-Pacific. The landscape of scam prevention is diverse and complex, varying significantly from country to country.

Feedzai and Chartis have joined forces to clarify this intricate scenario, conducting an extensive survey with frontline payment fraud professionals across APAC resulting in our groundbreaking report, Scam Prevention in Asia-Pacific: A Survey of Banking and Payment Provider Professionals.

Join us for an enlightening webinar-on-demand where Chartis and Feedzai’s top experts delve into the report’s critical insights:

  • Impact Analysis: Understand the multi-dimensional impacts of scams – financial, reputational, and human – and how they’re reshaping the industry.
  • Confidence & Priorities: Gauge how financial institutions rate their scam detection capabilities and discover their top priorities in the ongoing battle against fraud.
  • Innovative Tactics: Explore the dynamic approaches adopted for detecting, assessing, and reporting scams, setting new benchmarks in fraud prevention.
  • Future-Proofing Finance: Learn about the current state of preparedness and the forward-thinking strategies being implemented to enhance security infrastructures.

Transform Your Approach to Scam Prevention: Watch the webinar now and stay ahead in the fight against financial fraud!



Nick Vitchev
Research Director, Chartis

Dan Holmes
Fraud Prevention SME, Feedzai

Robert Harris
Senior Director of Product Marketing, Feedzai

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