Defeating Retail Fraud With The AI Hyperview

Defeating Retail Fraud With The AI Hyperview

If you’re waiting until checkout to make risk calls, you’re waiting too long. Fraudsters are leveraging attack vectors at every stage of the ecommerce journey.

Transactions are points in time. How can merchants see beyond these points, and build complete storylines of truth for the lifecycle of an ecommerce user?

This is the promise of Feedzai User Journey: analysts using machine learning to make wiser decisions based on active and rapidly continuous intelligence. We created Feedzai User Journey to provide our customers with complete views of browsing and decisioning, so they can have a full picture of every actor in their system, good and bad.

Download our latest eBook, “Defeating Retail Fraud with the AI Hyperview,” and discover:

  • The anatomy of a sophisticated ATO attack
  • How AI prevented a high velocity attack at a merchant, preventing losses of $600,000 in just 4 minutes
  • How a customer with a new business line went from fraud rates of 30% to 0.5%

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