Fighting Financial Crime at Scale with AI

Webinar: Leveraging open banking and preventing financial crime at scale using AI

The speed at which financial services is changing is breathtaking. Keeping transactions secure as financial organisations move into a world of open banking is a race that gets faster by the launch of a new banking API.

Risk management and digital transformation go hand-in-hand as part of any financial institution’s strategy to stay ahead of the competition while addressing the needs of a new digital customer.

With faster payments becoming more ubiquitous across the different segments, it is a fundamental requirement to have a secure transaction monitoring strategy in place. New attack vectors in transactions and account opening are evolving every day, and so must grow new strategies and approaches to tackle them. Can banks put AI and ML to better use in the fight against fraud?

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • How best to employ AI and ML to mitigate risk and recognize patterns
  • What are the various fraud tactics and how risk teams can fight them
  • How visualization methods can speed up reaction time to respond
  • How data diversity may be used to find and prevent more illicit activity

Speakers Include:

  • Gary Wright, Content Director, Finextra
  • Angel Serrano, Innovation, Head of AI, Santander Bank
  • Richard Harris, SVP International Sales, Feedzai

Watch the Webinar