Webinar: Fighting Financial Crime with AI

Webinar: Fighting Financial Crime with AI

As artificial intelligence and machine learning takes the stage, its wide availability is creating an arms race. Financial institutions are leveraging the predictive power of machine learning to uncover hidden patterns and defeat fraud. Meanwhile, criminals are scrambling to find the institutions with the weakest links.

Organizations in financial services are sorting through the generalized hype about machine learning as they seek to implement the best solution. This webinar can help.

Join Feedzai’s Chief Science Officer Pedro Bizarro as he shares his insights from his years of developing the data science behind Feedzai’s AI-enabled fraud detection platform, which runs inside some of the world’s largest banks, acquirers, and merchants.

Watch this webinar to discover:
– Why machine learning is overthrowing rules
– The secrets to great models in fraud detection
– The key use cases in financial services that will be transformed
– And why “OpenML,” which allows data scientists to import existing data science approaches to a third party system, represents the next frontier

Dr. Pedro Bizarro, Chief Science Officer, Feedzai

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