Open ML Demo

Fighting Fraud with the Open ML Engine by Feedzai

To fight the rise of global financial crime, a crowd of AI-enabled fraud detection platforms has emerged. These platforms force your data scientists to work within their confines — to use their proprietary data science methods, models, tools, languages, and libraries.

OpenML represents the opposite approach. Feedzai is embracing the data science community. We want your teams to integrate existing approaches with Feedzai’s system. This video demo shows just one example of how this works. Watch as a data scientist trains a machine learning model outside of Feedzai (in this instance, using Python and scikit-learn), and brings it inside Feedzai’s real-time processing for decision-making.

Watch the Demo to see an example of how to import transactional data, train models, score transactions and see results in our Case Manager.

Watch the 6-minute Demo