Transforming AML with AI

Did you know nearly 5% of the global GDP, or $2 trillion, is laundered every year? In the past decade, compliance fines erased over $300 billion in profits for top US and European banks.

Current anti-money laundering solutions rely on techniques that generate excessive false positive rates which require burdensome manual reviews.

Legacy money laundering solutions cannot keep pace with the increasingly sophisticated layering schemes, as well as growing compliance requirements from regulators.

Can your bank/financial institution successfully navigate the growing regulatory demands? Is your bank equipped with the newest digital and AI based tools to stay ahead of the new global trends in money laundering?

Read this Ebook to understand:

  • The key challenges and constraints arising from money laundering that impact banks’ bottom-line
  • The use of AI platforms that enables banks to drastically reduce false positives while accurately detecting increasing incidents of suspicious behavior
  • AI concepts of advanced profiling and real-time processing capability that reduce the cost of AML processing, detect substantiated money laundering risk and report it in time, with great detail.

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