Trust and growth: A leading challenger bank’s perspective on fraud

Webinar: Trust and growth – A leading challenger bank’s perspective on fraud

How do leading challenger banks futureproof growth and scale operations to maintain the highest levels of customer experience while protecting consumers against fraud?

Watch this webinar as Starling Bank’s Head of AML & Fraud, Catherine Walpole, and Feedzai’s Financial Crime Specialist, Daniel Greiller discuss the challenges new banks face today as they scale their customer base and transactions.

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With 500,000 current accounts since 2017, Starling Bank provides a mobile banking application and a debit card that enable users to manage their finances. Having recently won a £100 million grant from the Capability and Innovation Fund, Starling aims to expand on its 30,000 business accounts.

Feedzai keeps banking and commerce safe using machine learning to fight fraud. Feedzai’s risk management platform ensures whitebox solutions, real-time decisions (processing hundreds of millions of hypergranular Segment-of-One profiles in real time), and ingest huge volumes of data, in any format, from any source to manage risk, while improving customer experience.


Daniel Greiller
Financial Crime Specialist

Daniel Greiller has worked in Payments and Banking for 15 years across companies such as HSBC, American Express, and more. Dan moved to Feedzai in 2016, believing that AI was the future of making the banking and commerce ecosystem both secure and frictionless, and has since worked to help companies worldwide discover the power of using machine learning to improve the accuracy of data driven processes throughout their customer lifecycle.

Catherine Walpole
Head of AML & Fraud
Starling Bank

As Head of AML and Fraud at Starling Bank, Catherine Walpole is responsible for keeping customers safe from financial crime. This includes ensuring the bank keeps up to date with industry standards in fighting fraud and money laundering using cutting-edge technology. As well as monitoring for high risk activity, she is also involved in customer communications in the event of merchant data breaches.

Prior to Starling Catherine was a cybercrime and digital fraud analyst at Moneycorp. She has a Masters in Forensic Psychology and a Degree in Psychology.

David Beach [Moderator]

Dave Beach is the Editor on bobsguide, specialising in emerging financial technologies, risk management and wealth management. He has a background in e-journalism and editorship in a number of different sectors, including property and sport. Published both online and in print, he is a diligent researcher and award winning writer.

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