Webinar: How Banks Can Use the Power of Open Source to Fight Fraud

Webinar: How Banks Can Use the Power of Open Source to Fight Fraud

How will you stay ahead in the data science arms race?

Banks are shoring up their AI-enabled fraud prevention resources, in part by investing in data science teams. Meanwhile, fraudsters are rapidly evolving their tactics. The winners in this adversarial climate will be the banks that combine the best in-house data science with open source tools.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • How banks are using artificial intelligence (AI) to fight fraud.
  • How banks can make their data scientists successful by arming them with fraud knowledge and giving them the best tools.
  • Why Feedzai built the OpenML Engine, a data science platform that’s the first of its kind in the fraud space, giving data scientists the flexibility to build models in any language, using any library, and on any platform.

About the presenters:

Saurabh Bajaj is Vice President and Head of Product at Feedzai, where he leads product development and management. Prior to Feedzai, Saurabh was head of fraud and risk products at Neustar, a leading identity resolution company. Saurabh holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Mumbai and an MBA from the University of California, San Diego.

Margarida Ruela is a Senior Data Scientist and Product Manager at Feedzai, where she drives the development of Feedzai’s OpenML Engine. Prior to Feedzai, Margarida was a software engineer at Accenture. Margarida holds a Master of Science degree in biomedical engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico.

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