What’s Next For Machine Learning?

What’s Next for Machine Learning for Fraud?

What’s the current state of explainability in machine learning for fraud detection?

We’ve made great strides in this area with the development of whitebox explanations, where the machine communicates the factors behind its decision to the human analyst. But true, human-conversant AI is still far away.

In this ebook, read about the critical need for an AI system that can share its thought process with us in perfectly human terms, so we can transform machine learning into machine teaching.

  • How can we come to understand the machine’s logic to be sure that it reflects our human values?
  • How can we document its decision-making process for audit and compliance?
  • How do we verify that the system is maintaining privacy?
  • And what are the ethical considerations that we need to take as we delegate more of our decisions to the machine?


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