Feedzai for Acquirers

Empower your merchants without compromising security.

Acquirers today face hypergrowth that extends beyond traditional channels, and this rise of a digital economy corresponds with a rise in risk. It’s a competitive landscape, with merchants demanding fast onboarding and easy transacting. It’s also a vulnerable landscape, full of merchants who may be engaging in money laundering and other types of fraud. Traditional tools are no match for this new digital, always-on ecosystem. Feedzai provides end-to-end solutions that enable acquirers to empower their merchants without compromising security.

Fraud Management Solutions

Feedzai’s Fraud Management product combines advanced machine learning technology, purpose-built risk management tools, and Feedzai’s years of experience in fighting financial crime. It helps acquirers manage risk and keep themselves and their merchants safe from fraud across all channels. For more, see the Solution Sheet.

Transaction Fraud

Score transactions for credit, debit, ATM, and prepaid cards (and digital wallets) for card-present and card-not-present payments. Score ACH, wire, and peer-to-peer transactions. PCI-compliant payment validation and transaction verification offer real-time risk scoring while reducing false declines.

Merchant Onboarding

Address merchant risks across multiple vectors and deliver the power of artificial intelligence to create a better experience for good merchants, while keeping away fraudulent ones.

Merchant Monitoring

Track merchant activity in real time. Continuously assess compliance risk and exposure with alerts and escalations triggered by suspicious activities by using data across all merchant dimensions.


“Credorax is proud to partner with Feedzai to provide AI solutions that better safeguard merchants and their customers. We dedicate significant resources to help solve complex issues such as fraud and are confident that, working together, we will continue to fuel growth in the digital economy.”
Igal Rotem, CEO of Credorax



Extract insights across merchants to create more accurate rules and models, while ensuring security and compliance. Learn more.


Improve manual processes and resource allocation by assigning queues for reviewing transactions specific to each merchant.


Provide merchants with a full-service solution by creating and maintaining all rules, lists, models, and user administration from one location.

How it works

Feedzai is the most sophisticated machine learning platform designed to help acquirers minimize risk exposure.
1 _Collect_merchant_details

Legal entity name, address, unique identifiers, etc.

2 _Manage_First_Party_Compliance_Risk

Enrich data with IP Geolocation, device fingerprinting, etc.

3 _Generate_risk_score

Score risk based on data points and past history.

4 _Integrate_merchant_into_system

Apply transaction limits and risk underwriting while meeting compliance standards.

See Feedzai in action

Feedzai keeps acquirers safe from fraud. We’ll show you how our products work, in real time.

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