AML Transaction Monitoring


Uncover criminal networks and suspicious patterns of behavior with advanced analytics and profiling.

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Brands Trust Feedzai

Why Choose Feedzai

Actionable Alerts that Matter to Your Business.

Improved Quality of Alerts

Assess from a wider set of inputs for alerts that are aligned with your unique business risks.

Scenario Flexibility

Adjust your AML scenarios and thresholds to align with your organization’s risk tolerance.

Behavioral Alerting

Identify behavior that is unusual for each customer and alert on those changes.

Whitebox Explanations

Get a head start on what to look for with clear explanations for every alert generated.

Feedzai by the Numbers

Efficiently Uncover MoneyLaundering Schemes


Reductions in alerts at a top global bank.


More transactions confirmed as money laundering at a top global bank.

Key Benefits

Money Laundering is Complex.Our Solution is Not.

Meaningful alerts and compliance tools on the world’s first RiskOps platform.

AML ScenarioScoring

Take control with our flexible AML scenarios. Monitor customer behavior to detect anomalous or suspicious activities at an entity or transaction level.

Visual LinkAnalysis

Identify risky relationships, detect layering patterns, and uncover connections between entities, accounts, and companies that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Integrated Case and SAR Manager

Stop moving between systems searching for the information you need. Customize workflows, investigate and manage cases, and report suspicious activity all on one platform.

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