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As banking customer behaviors and expectations change, retail banks are quickly becoming more digital. At the same time, fraudsters are looking to exploit banks’ weaknesses with increasingly sophisticated attacks. To fight these attacks, banks need state-of-the-art technology and expertise that can easily integrate into their organizations. Feedzai provides end-to-end solutions that enable retail banks to provide a positive, safe customer experience.

Fraud Management solutions

Feedzai’s Fraud Management product combines advanced machine learning technology, purpose-built risk management tools, and Feedzai’s years of experience in fighting financial crime. It helps retail banks manage risk and keep themselves and their customers safe from fraud across all channels. For more information, see the Solution Sheet.

Transaction Fraud
Transaction Fraud

Score transactions for credit, debit, ATM, and prepaid cards (and digital wallets) for card-present and card-not-present payments. Score ACH, wire, and peer-to-peer transactions. PCI-compliant payment validation and transaction verification offer real-time risk scoring while reducing false declines.

Account Opening
Account Opening

Streamline the enrollment process for services including checking accounts and credit, debit, and prepaid cards. Respond to loan applications faster. Account verification and KYC, OFAC, and ID checks reduce friction for good customers and improve acceptance rates.

Account Takeover

Keep customer accounts safe from account takeovers with preventative and early fraud detection. Apply behavioral analytics to monitor user journeys and identify hacked accounts. For more, see the brief.


Comply with PSD2 regulations, and score PSD2-related events and transactions. Maintain a good customer experience by triggering strong customer authentication based on dynamic risk profiles. For more, see the Solution Sheet and Info Sheet.


Balance compliance and cost by enforcing anti-corruption laws and managing your reputation. Feedzai AML offers new capabilities that assess the risk of your customers and their transactions while reducing operational costs with automated case management tools and compliance reporting. Driven by artificial intelligence, Feedzai AML takes a risk-based approach and works for every customer channel.

“We’re very keen to work with a partner that is flexible enough to really make changes quickly and enable us not only to be compliant but to really optimize the customer journey, and treat it as a differentiator rather than a simple requirement.”
Andrew Renshaw, Head of Digital Fraud Prevention at Lloyds Banking Group

Create a Seamless and Safe Customer Experience

Complete Customer View

Using data-agnostic systems, integrate data from any external source to build insights around customer history and activity.

Easy Compliance

With features like PAN Tokenization and 2 Factor Authentication, Feedzai is always up to date with the latest regulatory standards.

Confident Decisions

Create clear whitebox scores that explain the machine’s logic and monitor and report on global fraud trends with intuitive reports.

Built for your entire organization


Take action on alerts, create management reports, and proactively manage risk.

Data Science

Build and test rules, models and lists.


Make confident decisions with clear explanations for decision scoring and customized reports for audit purposes.

How it works

Feedzai is the most sophisticated machine learning platform designed to help retail banks minimize risk exposure.
1 _Connect with any upstream system

Switch, gateway, service bus or flat file.

2 _Score any event

Transactions, account or clickstream.

3 _Integrate any Report

Account Information, TC40, SAFE, chargebacks or external lists.

4 _Send_alerts_to_any_system

Integrate with any case management, BI solution or SMS/Email.


Feedzai keeps retail banks safe from fraud. We’ll show you how our products work, in real time.

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Case Study

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