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illustration of two data scientists in hazmat suits adjusting machine learning models while Coronavirus floats by them

Can AI Models Handle Changes Caused by Coronavirus?

  • Coronavirus
  • Machine learning

Are machine learning models cracking under the sudden behavioral changes caused by the Coronavirus pandemic? It’s a question posed by a recent MIT Technology review article, among other publications. While MIT is spot on, this hasn’t been the case at Feedzai. We’ll show you why


Illustration of four people in surgical masks standing in front of a world map

Coronavirus Fraud Scam Predictions & How to Combat Them

  • Coronavirus
  • Fraud

Fraud Scam Predictions and How to Combat Them is the first post in a special five-part blog series aimed at helping banks, acquirers, and merchants navigate risk during the COVID-19 crisis. For more information on how to fight fraud during the pandemic, check out How to


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