Meet Feedzai at Transform Finance FinCrime & Cybersecurity Summit in Charlotte

Thursday, May 2

Transform Your Bank’s Fraud Defenses

It’s an unfortunate reality in financial services that the earliest adopters of new products and services are not customers. It’s criminals.

Reacting to fraud and scams is insufficient in a world where criminals are outpacing and innovating faster than ever. Financial institutions need proactive solutions that both meet today’s fraud and scam challenges and are future-proof for tomorrow.

Transform Your Bank’s Fraud Defenses

Join us at Transform Finance FinCrime & Cybersecurity Summit to gain exclusive insights into:

  • Using cutting-edge technology like predictive analytics, behavioral biometrics, and data science to identify suspicious activity proactively
  • Fighting scams and money mules with transaction monitoring before customers’ money is stolen
  • Optimizing your financial institution’s defenses with new account fraud detection to stop criminals at the front door.

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