UnmaskingMoney Mules

Through money muling, criminals use social engineering to cruelly manipulate human emotions, drain life savings, and destroy lives.

Unmasking Money Mules, a 8-episode video podcast by Feedzai, brings together the best and brightest minds in risk management for frank, unscripted conversations. We blend real-life stories of money mule victims, expert analysis on modern fraud and money laundering, and AI-driven insights to tell a story of technology, greed, and deception at scale.

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Andy Renshaw
SVP of Product Strategy and Management, Feedzai

Ray Blake
Co-Host of “The Dark Money Files” podcast

Jan 05, 2024

Toward a Fraud-Free Future

Ray Blake, a seasoned anti-financial crime professional and co-host of “The Dark Money Files,” collaborates with Feedzai’s Andy Renshaw to globally analyze the economic factors behind the rise of money mules, emphasizing compassion for victims and their futures.

Hardeep Rai
Product Director, Feedzai

Peter Taylor
Fraud Consultant

Dec 15, 2023

Money Mules, Cybersecurity, & Law Enforcement

Cybersecurity authority and former police officer Peter Taylor, also known as “The Fraud Guy,” eliminates the noise around fraud by highlighting straightforward and impactful strategies for identifying money mules. Joined by Feedzai’s Hardeep Rai, they unravel the distinctions between organized crime gangs and cybercrime gangs, delve into the perspectives of law enforcement agencies, and address a pivotal question in risk management: Are we at a turning point in the battle against fraud?

James Hunt
SME – Acquiring Fraud Risk, Feedzai

Kelly Richmond Pope
Renowned Author

Nov 30, 2023

Whistleblowers & Perpetrators

Kelly Richmond Pope, renowned author of “Fool Me Once: Scams, Stories, and Secrets from the Trillion-Dollar Fraud Industry,” reveals three perpetrator categories to James Hunt from Feedzai, highlighting the universal risk of assuming such roles. Conversely, she identifies three whistleblower categories, advocating for culture checks and whistleblower recognition as vital measures for organizational safety and improvement.

Richard Harris
EVP Head of Strategy and Advisory, Feedzai

Brett Johnson
The Anglerphish Podcast

Nov 17, 2023

The Evolution of a Scammer

Former cybercriminal turned reformer, Brett Johnson, collaborates with Richard Harris from Feedzai to delve into the evolution from youthful curiosity in technology to stealing millions. Together, they expose the tactics of keyboard criminals and the challenge of safeguarding youth from victimhood—or potential criminal paths.

Robert Harris
Product Marketing Manager, Feedzai, Feedzai

Jim Browning
Creating Anti-scam videos

Nov 1, 2023

Scam Call Centers

Popular YouTuber Jim Browning, known for his expertise in unmasking scammers, joins forces with Robert Harris from Feedzai to provide a gripping and illuminating glimpse into the shadowy world of scam call centers. They shed light on the profound repercussions these operations have on vulnerable elderly victims while inviting us to eavesdrop on live, ongoing scams.

Mike Nathan
Global Solutions Consulting Lead, Feedzai

Ayelet Biger-Levin

Oct 19, 2023

Victim Mindset

Ayelet Biger-Levin, the visionary Founder of ScamRanger and a distinguished authority in cybersecurity and fraud detection, joins Mike Nathan in exploring strategies for safeguarding against victimization, all while addressing the most formidable challenge confronting the risk management sector: determining intent.

Daniel Holmes
Fraud Prevention SME, Feedzai

Jenny Radcliffe

Oct 05, 2023

The Human Face of Scams

Jenny Radcliffe, renowned as “The People Hacker” for her expertise in social engineering, and Dan Holmes from Feedzai, delve deep into the intricate psychology of scams and shed light on the most vulnerable link in the chain and our ultimate line of defense: the human element.

Mike Nathan
Global Solutions Consulting Lead, Feedzai

Tony Craddock
Director General, PA (London)

Sep 20, 2023

Who’s Liable for Fraud?

Tony Craddock from The Payments Association and Mike Nathan from Feedzai explore the seismic shifts on the horizon for the financial services industry due to regulatory changes in fraud prevention and how these might rewrite the rules of the game for better or worse.

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