Anti-Money Laundering

Build Your AML Program on Advanced AI

Utilize powerful machine learning technology to detect complex money laundering typologies and visualize hidden relationships among transactions. Ensure complete transparency to alleviate regulatory scrutiny.

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Why choose Feedzai

Advanced AI techniques combined with transaction monitoring

Improve Detection

Tune models to learn normal behavior and detect suspicious activity.

Enhance Customer Profiles

Leverage Segment-of-One Profiling™ to accurately assess every customer, business, or entity risk.

Reduce False Positives

Amend transaction alerting behavior with customer profiling.

Feedzai by the numbers

More Accurate Alerts.More Financial Crime Uncovered.


Reductions in alerts at a top global bank.


Non-alerted transactions were confirmed money laundering at a top global bank.

Solution Capabilities

Unify Advanced AI and Explainability

Enable your compliance teams to investigate and review decisions. Achieve end-to-end transparency required for auditors and regulators.

AML Scenario Scoring

Monitor behaviors to detect anomalous or suspicious activities at an entity or transaction level.

Whitebox Explanations

Provide analysts with human-readable explanations to easily understand the underlying logic of machine learning decisions. Improve transparency and explainability for analysts, managers, and regulators.

Visual Links Analysis

Identify risky relationships, detect layering patterns, and uncover connections between entities, accounts, and companies.

Feedzai Enterprise

Our risk management platform protects the world’s largest companies by scoring trillions of dollars’ worth of transactions faster than the human eye can blink.

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Feedzai Solutions

Get access to an easy-to-understand scoring system that can quickly assess risk for single- and cross-channel transactions in real time.

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