Checkout Scoring

Feedzai at POS

If your business sells online or has brick-and-mortar stores,

you can tap into Feedzai to prevent payment chargebacks.

Giving You Freedom to Sell Anywhere

New commerce capabilities such as mobile checkout, one-click subscriptions, and omnichannel shopping can create holes for sophisticated criminals to exploit. The resulting payment reversals and chargebacks destroy your commerce freedom.

Feedzai is the antidote against fraud, identity theft and account takeovers that interrupt your business flow.

Sell to real buyers and reduce manual order reviews.

Get Ready for Omnichannel Commerce

Feedzai measures the risk of payment transactions in any environment, regardless of payment type:

  • E-Commerce, in-store
  • Mobile, desktop, tablets
  • Debit, credit, prepaid, mobile wallets

Freedom to sell on any channel.

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