Underwrite Merchants

Feedzai for Payment Providers

If your business acquires merchant accounts,

you can use Feedzai to protect your portfolio.

Keep Bad Sellers Out

Financial risk can come from merchant under-performance, collusion or insolvency. Fraud and identity theft impact merchants, and in turn infect your acquiring business and your ability to underwrite payment accounts. Organized fraud and business failures result in unfunded chargebacks. At the same time, the due diligence process is time-consuming and costly.

You need a better way to monitor new and existing merchants.


Powerful Decision and Risk Tools for Validating New Customers

Feedzai works for high-risk accounts:

  • High-volume processing accounts
  • High-ticket/low-volume merchants
  • Chargeback-prone merchant categories: digital goods, online gambling, subscriptions
  • Cross-border international sales and offshore processing

Real-time monitoring alerts you before loss occurs.

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