The Feedzai Value

Fight Financial Crime Aggressively.

Fight financial crime by deploying a truly remarkable machine learning platform. The technology is the result of years of innovative data science, purpose-built to protect the world’s largest financial institutions and ecommerce merchants.

Hypergranular profiling, rapid model iteration, and capabilities like Whitebox explanations all provide a combined solution that recognizes, flags, and stops fraudulent transactions before they happen.

There’s no more robust solution for your enterprise to manage risk and keep your customers safe across all channels.

“Feedzai’s machine learning platform transforms the management of risk and fraud into a real-time decision science to help payment providers, banks and retailers prevent fraud in omnichannel commerce.”


“Feedzai also offers user-friendly, omni-channel support to protect consumers on the digital platform where they choose to engage with banking or commerce.”


State-of-the-art fraud fighting technology

Authenticate huge transaction volume in extreme detail and with industry-leading reliability, all without adding friction, using the most advanced supervised and unsupervised fraud detection techniques.

  • AutoML identifies unknown patterns and detects anomalies.
  • OpenML and self-serviceability let you work the way you want.
  • Segment-of-One profiling delivers greater accuracy.
  • Integrated modeling and live rule testing optimize run-time performance.
  • Analyst efficiency tools allow insight into system performance.
  • Whitebox explanations provide human-readable reports for every scored event.

(Big) Data at your fingertips

Get access and insight from every level of your fraud management system. The client can control all aspects of model development, model features, time windows, evaluations, and more.

  • Feedzai Omnichannel Data Processing Engine allows you to harness data at every level.
  • Feedzai Risk Ledger™ provides integration of any data in a coherent data lake, sharing information across issuing debit, issuing credit, acquiring, dark web, and external data enrichers.
  • Feedzai Fraud Genome™ helps you understand deep fraud patterns by uncovering the DNA and corresponding patterns of fraud. Data enrichment fuses disparate data sources.
  • Support current data science and machine learning banking tools.

Insights for Action

Feedzai Fraud Insights™ use an intuitive, dynamic dashboard to track KPIs, trends, and insights. Leverage shareable reports for auditing, governance, formal reporting, and for evaluating model performance.

  • Get alerts when KPIs breach thresholds.
  • Count on Whitebox explanations for help with compliance.
  • Model custom performance and governance reports.
  • Monitor real-time profiling of any entity (e.g. cardholder, terminal, zip, ATM, device) in the system for a billion-plus different entities.
  • Use Segment-of-One profiling to flag abnormal behavior in real time, throughout an entire cardholder universe.

Enterprise-Grade Architecture

Operate, manage, and scale the Feedzai fraud and risk management system fast and confidently.

  • Manage tens of thousands of transactions per second, with sub-10 millisecond, real-time latencies.
  • Maintain 24/7 uptime thanks to a bullet-proof fault-tolerant architecture
  • Leverage high-availability (99.999% SLA) with multiple servers, multiple sites, active-active processing, and disaster recovery.
  • Support public and private cloud, and on-premises deployments.
  • Integrate, monitor, and maintain the system using your existing technology staff and resources.
  • Manage Security and Operations based on industry-standard PCI-DSS Level-1, SOC2 Type 2, and ISO 27001.
  • Count on proven customer success and customer support.

Create a Seamless and Safe Customer Experience

Complete Customer View

Using data-agnostic systems, integrate data from any external source to build insights around customer history and activity.

Easy Compliance

With features like PAN Tokenization and 2 Factor Authentication, Feedzai is always up to date with the latest regulatory standards.

Confident Decisions

Create clear whitebox scores that explain the machine’s logic and monitor and report on global fraud trends with intuitive reports.

Built for your entire organization


Take action on alerts, create management reports, and proactively manage risk.

Data Science

Build and test rules, models and lists.


Make confident decisions with clear explanations for decision scoring and customized reports for audit purposes.

How it works

Feedzai is the most sophisticated machine learning platform designed to help retail banks minimize risk exposure.
1 _Connect with any upstream system

Switch, gateway, service bus or flat file.

2 _Score any event

Transactions, account or clickstream.

3 _Integrate any Report

Account Information, TC40, SAFE, chargebacks or external lists.

4 _Send_alerts_to_any_system

Integrate with any case management, BI solution or SMS/Email.


Feedzai keeps financial institutions and ecommerce merchants safe from financial crime. We’ll show you how our products work, in real time.

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