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Laundering and Win
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AML How-to-Guide

Build an AML Program with Advanced Machine Learning

Current anti-money laundering approaches and solutions produce too many false positives. Financial institutions are finding that sifting through high-volume, low-accuracy money laundering alerts are strenuous on their risk teams. Get the ebook to learn how financial institutions can:

  • Build customers profiles that distinguish normal behavior from anomalous behavior
  • Move away from legacy defensive SAR filing approaches
  • Reduce false positives and increase productivity of your teams by working on alerts that truly pose a risk to your business

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AML Product Suite

AML Transaction Monitoring

Uncover criminal networks and suspicious patterns of behavior
with advanced analytics and profiling

WLM Transaction Screening

Faster remediation with more accurate alerts from curated
global data you can trust

Feedzai’s Anti-Money Laundering Platform

Helps Financial Institutions


Tune models to learn normal behavior and detect suspicious activity.

Customer Profiles

Leverage Segment-of-One Profiling™ to accurately assess every customer, business, or entity risk.

Reduce False

Amend transaction alerting behavior with customer profiling.

Faster Time
to Value

Go live in 4 weeks with ready
to go detection scenarios
and workflows

Choose the Right Solution for Your Company

Feedzai Product Suite


Solution Type
Customizable Solution

Use Cases
Transaction Fraud, AML Transaction
Monitoring, Account Opening

Cloud, Hybrid and On-Prem

3 – 6 months

Machine Learning
Models with customizable

Machine Learning
Custom and standard rules

Product Upgrades
Custom, done by client


Solution Type
Standard Solution

Use Cases
Transaction Fraud,
AML Transaction Monitoring


8 – 12 Weeks

Machine Learning
Model with standard
out-of-the-box features

Machine Learning
Standard rules

Product Upgrades
1x/year, done by Feedzai

“It used to take us half a day to
connect all the disparate events in
a complex fraud scheme, now it
takes us 10 minutes.”

David Reid,
Head of Fraud and KYC

Feedzai by the numbers

Detect Complex Money Laundering Typologies with Highly Accurate Alerts


Reductions in alerts at a top global bank.


Non-alerted transactions were confirmed money laundering at a top global bank.

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How-to-Guide today to Learn More!

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