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“How’s the View?” And Other Questions for Our New VP of German Sales

Our new VP of Sales in Germany, Steffen Schreiber, comes to us with deep experience in payments technology, working with organizations like J.P. Morgan and Adyen. Read on to hear his thoughts on German banking trends, the advent of PSD2, and why Feedzai is the right place to be in the year 2017. 

What are the particular challenges you’re seeing with payments in Germany?

PSD2 is top of mind in Germany as banks face new non-bank innovators entering the payments ecosystem. These new players pose threats to German banks, since PSD2 is giving innovators full access to customer bases that used to be exclusive to large banks.


New Revenue and New Risk, In a Payments World Powered by Partnerships

“Most banks get it.” That was the finding of this year’s Accenture study on Banking Technology. They conducted a survey where 79% of North American banks agreed that that AI will “revolutionize” the way that banks and customers interact.

Now that most banks are seeing immense value from using some form of machine learning to power back-end processes like fraud detection, we’re seeing a shift in AI from the back office to the front office. AI is beginning to power every touchpoint along the customer journey, from marketing to sales to service, and 2017 is the year of this transition.


Our CTO Tells Us the Surprising Things He’s Learned Along the Way

Over the past few years, from his vantage point as Feedzai’s head technologist, CTO Paulo Marques has seen the question change. For leaders at major banks, the original question was: “Do I need machine learning?” Now that the answer is yes, the new question is: “How can I operationalize machine learning?”


Fidget Spinners and Four Other Trends from Money 20/20 Copenhagen

1. PSD2

PSD2 is dominating the EU conversation, and companies are eager to describe their offerings as PSD2-compliant. But the specifics of PSD2 regulations are months from being released, so PSD2-compliance is still being defined with broad, fuzzy strokes. So, what do we know? As we’ve stated before on this blog, stronger authentication is at the heart of PSD2, and enterprises are sharpening their focus on risk. The companies with stand-out PSD2 messages were talking about flexibility. 2018 will come with a need to have systems that can adapt to new threats at scale.


From Space to Commerce: Our CEO Shares His Journey at Money 20/20

Money 20/20 is Europe’s largest Fintech event, with companies coming together to share their visions of the digital economy disruption that’s well underway. Our CEO, Nuno Sebastiao, delivered the keynote  address on Day 3, closing the event that also featured the likes of Square’s Jack Dorsey and Stripe’s Will Gaybrick. Here’s an excerpt from his speech: In my work with the Space Agency, I led a team of scientists and really smart people, as we built simulations and models with the information we were gathering  — literally trying to understand the unknown and be a kind of beacon that would guide our team in


PSD2 and You: Why Banks Are Turning to Artificial Intelligence

by Richard Harris, Head of International Operations You know how the Chinese word for “crisis” is the same for “opportunity?” The bad news is that’s actually a myth. The good news is the metaphor still applies to PSD2. Whether banks like it or not, the second Payment Services Directive is coming in 2018. The European Commission wants to make way for emerging payment service providers, promote innovation in payments, reduce transaction costs, and introduce two new words into the payments lexicon: integration and aggregation. After PSD2, customers will be able to link bank accounts directly with marketplaces, with new third parties acting as Payment


London Business School Awards Nuno Sebastiao Entrepreneur of the Year

Feedzai CEO and co-founder Nuno Sebastiao was announced as the winner of the prestigious London Business School (LBS) 2017 Accomplished Entrepreneur Award this week. As Feedzai continues to ramp up its global scale and become the global leader in artificial intelligence to fight fraud, Nuno’s leadership and vision, along with that of his management team, has been recognized as a leading force in an evolving technological world. “Keith Willey is a professor at the London Business School who sits on Feedzai’s board,” says Nuno, “but six years ago, he was my thesis supervisor. I remember visiting him one weekend with my friends Paulo Marques and Pedro


New Ebook: How to Choose a Machine Learning Platform for Risk

If you’re a merchant, an acquirer, or a payment service provider, you might be searching for a unified strategy that can manage risk without creating customer friction. We can help you procure the right solution. The Feedzai platform powers 1 in 5 of the world’s top 25 banks, and we believe it can power your business, too. So if you’re looking for a machine learning platform, this guide is a good place to start. The fact is this: poor fraud detection hurts your top-line revenue. It hurts to deny a legitimate customer, to incur chargebacks, and to have manual review bottlenecks that slow down your order fulfillments. Good thing