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Illustration of human hand shaking digital robotic hand to represent digital trust

COVID-19 & The New Rules for Building Digital Trust

  • Digital Trust
  • Fraud
  • post-COVID

COVID-19 presents an opportunity for banks to build a new level of digital trust with their customers. As the pandemic causes massive disruptions across all elements of everyday life, the banks, FinTechs, and financial institutions (FIs) that can quickly adjust to the realities of the


illustration of credit card going through a phone

Payments, Friction, Customer Service, and Fraud

    Ali Paterson from Fintech Finance recently sat down with David Bailey, Head of Business Development and Customer Innovation at Santander UK and Feedzai’s own Andy Renshaw for “Payments, Friction, Customer Service, and Fraud.” What follows next is an insightful conversation that looks at customer friction


    Pablo Escobar

    Anti-Money Laundering 101

    • AML
    • Anti-Money Laundering

    A brief history of anti-money laundering Anti-money laundering regulations may seem like they’ve been around forever, but that’s not the case. Remember Pablo Escobar? You know, the notorious Columbian drug lord and narco-terrorist who made a lot of money selling white powder? Well, he made


    Illustration of many employees on video calls as a 100% remote company

    How to become a 100% remote company in less than 24 hours

    • Coronavirus
    • Remote work

    With twenty-four hours notice, Feedzai transitioned into a 100% remote company. This post focuses on how we did it, lessons learned, and tips for making remote work successful. On March 11, 2020, Feedzaians across the globe commuted to our offices. We attended meetings in brightly


    Illustration of a man surrounded by hands giving him the thumbs up meant to represent a culture of compliance boosts growth

    Create a Culture of Compliance to Boost Growth

    • AML
    • Compliance
    • Culture

    In this post, we share the why and how of developing a culture of compliance around anti-money laundering efforts boosts growth for banks.   In a world where eighty-one percent of Millennials expect organizations to make a public commitment to being good corporate citizens, and more


    Illustration of left hand holding a phone while right hand pulls money out of the screen meant to represent a digital wallet

    Digital Wallets: How to Offer Convenience Without Raising Risk

    • digital wallets
    • Machine learning

    Digital wallets are the fastest accelerating digital payment vehicle today. In this post, we discuss what’s driving their popularity, the fraud and AML risks involved, and what banks can do to protect themselves and their customers. Author and poet Paulo Coelho famously said, “And when


    illustration of two data scientists in hazmat suits adjusting machine learning models while Coronavirus floats by them

    Can AI Models Handle Changes Caused by Coronavirus?

    • Coronavirus
    • Machine learning

    Are machine learning models cracking under the sudden behavioral changes caused by the Coronavirus pandemic? It’s a question posed by a recent MIT Technology review article, among other publications. While MIT is spot on, this hasn’t been the case at Feedzai. We’ll show you why


    man running from coronavirus towards open bears mouth - abstract illustration representing money mule scams

    4 Ways to Prevent COVID-19 Money Mule Scams

      Skyrocketing unemployment brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic helps explain why money mule scams are on the rise. In the U.S., roughly 30 million people filed for unemployment over six weeks. Some analysts predict the final numbers for April could reveal unemployment rates between 16%


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