Digital Trust


Protect customers and build trust by silently detecting bad actors before they can commit a financial crime.

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Why Choose Feedzai

A Unique 3-in-1
Approach to Fight Fraud

Behavioral Biometrics

Non-intrusive BionicID™ models let our customers Know Their Users at every interaction, substantially reducing false positives and preventing poor customer experiences.


Active Defense detects and defeats malware, phishing-based manipulation attacks, and
Remote Access Trojans to protect credentials and user sessions.

Device and Network Data

Transparent protection for customers regardless of the device used to log in to an account – PCs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Feedzai by the Numbers

Maximize Efficiency
and Detection


Fewer false positives


More fraud detection

Key Benefits

Build Customer Trust

Exceed Expectations for Customer Experience

Build Digital Trust with
Know Your User

Feedzai’s proactive Know Your User approach silently verifies genuine customers, prevents ATOs and RAT attacks, enabling you to keep detection rates high, while only interrupting legitimate users when absolutely necessary.

Stop Manipulation Attacks with Pre-emptive Defense

Detect and stop malware and phishing-based manipulation attacks used to steal credentials or Remote Access Trojans designed to hijack user sessions. No more installing or maintaining agents or standalone software on customer devices.

Improve Transaction Decisioning

Integrate Digital Trust data to augment your transactional fraud strategy, layering in session data including behavioral biometrics, network, threat, and device data to help identify previously unidentified fraud threats.

Enhance KYC/CDD

Use location and device data to identify trusted users. Apply biometrics to detect anomalies in user behavior and truly know your user at each interaction. Integrate device intelligence to flag high risk characteristics.

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