Watchlist and Sanctions Screening Tools


Achieve compliance and prevent reputational damage without constraining resources. Automate customer and payment screening using current global watchlists.

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How Feedzai Simplifies Watchlist Screening

Why Choose Feedzai

Automate Watchlist
Management and Screening

Automate Watchlist

Eliminate manual screening processes and always use the most up-to-date watchlists.

Use Data Sources Most Relevant
to Your Business

Aggregate global watchlists, adverse media and internal watchlists in one place for faster decision-making.

Maximize Your

Configure thresholds and workflows for the optimal balance between risk management and customer experience.

Feedzai Offerings

Screen Both Customers
and Payments

Watchlist Management Customer Screening

Intelligent customer screening using up-to-date, flexible global sanctions / PEP lists, and adverse media.

  • Enhance Screening Accuracy
  • Plug and Play Data Sources
  • Automate Watchlist Management

Watchlist Management
Payment Screening

Faster remediation with more accurate alerts from curated global data you can trust.

  • Real-Time Payment Screening
  • Fast and Precise Remediation
  • Fewer False Positives with More Accurate Alerts

Digital Trust

Looking for a complete online fraud prevention solution?

Stop fraud before it happens. Continuously authenticate unseen elements behind every interaction with Feedzai’s unique 3 in 1 device, malware and behavior proactive defense.

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