Feedzai for PSPs and Acquirers

Confidently Partner with Merchants

A single platform to manage fraud risk throughout the merchant lifecycle. Leverage actionable insights at the portfolio and merchant level to offer value-added services to merchants while keeping fraud losses low.

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Built for PSPs and Acquirers

End-to-End MerchantRisk Management

Monitor YourMerchant Portfolio

A 360-degree view of your merchants’ businesses across all channels to identify fraud and compliance risks.
Reduce financial and reputational damages caused by risky merchants.
Off the shelf fraud strategies for simplified configuration.


Insights at the merchant and portfolio levels. Choose whether to offer value added services direct to merchants, enabling them to control and configure their own risk strategies or the option to provide them with a fully managed service.

Onboard ValuableMerchants

Decrease friction by automating the process to onboard merchants close to real-time based on their risk category. Use network-level and third-party data enrichers to profile merchants, speed up onboarding and identify suspicious merchants.

Feedzai for Merchants

Acquire good customerswhile reducing fraud.

Remove unnecessary barriers to purchase by understanding good and bad consumer behavior across all channels.

Approve Good CustomersWhile Combating Fraud

Multi-dimensional profiling detects subtle changes in customer behavior. Create tailored workflows to produce a frictionless experience for all but high-risk transactions while reducing false positives and providing a world class customer experience.

Expand Into New Regionswith Confidence

Incorporate additional data sources easily to make faster, more accurate decisions in new regions with minimal previous exposure.
Quickly detect compromised accounts and gain a deeper understanding of your new customer base.

Reduce CheckoutFriction

Use automated decisioning to request SCA exemptions in real-time, removing additional friction unless additional authentication is required.

Feedzai RiskOps

One Platform to Combat Financial Crime

Every day, Feedzai’s risk management platform scores trillions of dollars of transactions to protect companies globally. Feedzai operationalizes machine learning and mitigates even the most complex financial crime.

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