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Protect customers across every interaction by silently detecting and preventing fraud before it happens.

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Why Choose Feedzai

Prevent ATO Impersonation
and Manipulation Attacks

Stop Credential Stealing Attacks

Feedzai’s Active Defense prevents malware or phishing attacks from stealing customer credentials, silently protecting them while alerting fraud teams.

Prevent Manipulation Attacks

Feedzai’s Know-Your-User continuously authenticates customers at every interaction to strengthen their own unique digital ID.

Avert Impersonation Attack

Actively prevent Remote Access Trojan (RAT) attacks by continuously verifying composite user digital IDs to identify attacker-generated anomalies.

Feedzai by the Numbers

Reactive ATO Solutions
Don’t Work


Identity theft losses soar – ATO prevention solutions are not keeping up.


Scammed users do not change their passwords fueling losses.

Key Benefits

Build Customer Trust

Stop Impersonation and Manipulation-Based ATO Attacks

Build Customer

Manipulation attacks start with stolen credentials. Feedzai’s Active Defense prevents malware or phishing attacks from stealing credentials – immediately, automatically, and proactively to protect customer accounts.

Deploy Pre-emptive

Stop active threats like malware and phishing from stealing credentials or hijacking sessions to protect customers and ensure operations teams are not overwhelmed with alerts so they can focus on real threats.

Digital Trust

Looking for a complete online fraud prevention solution?

Stop fraud before it happens. Continuously authenticate unseen elements behind every interaction with Feedzai’s unique 3 in 1 device, malware and behavior proactive defense.

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Stop Manipulation

Manipulation attacks silently gain control of a victim’s banking session. Feedzai’s Active Defense detects these attacks by continuously authenticating users and stops them by requiring stepped-up authentication or terminating the session.

Improve Transaction
Decisioning Outcomes

Feedzai’s ATO data integration provides a comprehensive range of threat and transaction data and analysis of each customer session including biometric, network, and device to enrich and improve the accuracy of every decision.

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