New Account Fraud Solution

Identify fraudulent applications created by bots, mules, synthetic identities, and stolen identities

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Behind-the-Scenes Protection

Device and Network Intelligence

Pinpoint common points of compromise, such as blocklisted networks or repeated devices, indicative of synthetic identities, stolen identities or mule networks.

Non-Human Patterns and Bot Detection

Identify red flags, including usage of scripts, automation tools, or bots before hundreds of fake accounts are opened.

Behavioral Biometrics

Discern suspicious behavior as the user navigates, fills out, and submits the online application.

Market Challenges

Fraudulent Accounts:
The Pathway to Abuse Financial Services


lost due to identity fraud


Of synthetic identities are undetected during onboarding


Fraud rate for applications completed online

Key Benefits

Stop Fraudsters at the Front Door

Identify Fraudulent Applications Early

Use comprehensive digital risk indicators, like known fraudulent devices, geolocation masking, automation tools, and more, to stop fraudsters from opening new accounts.

Streamline Account Creation Processes

Accurately identify fraudsters from genuine customers to create a convenient and secure digital account opening experience.

Get Upstream Risk-Based Insights

Proactively detect high-risk applicants or bots to reduce third-party identity verification costs downstream.

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