Feedzai for Fintechs

Accelerategrowth. Seizeopportunities.

Offer and protect various payment methods with a flexible, scalable, and comprehensive platform that prioritizes a top-grade customer experience.

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Built for Fintechs

One Platform for Financial Crime
Prevention and Compliance

Proactive Omnichannel Defense

Identify anomalies across all payment types, such as cards, transfers, and more. Reduce false positives by leveraging both rules and next-gen machine learning techniques to analyze transactional behaviors unique to each customer – at scale.

Build Customer Trust

Protect customers from account takeovers while creating a frictionless customer experience. Silently authenticate every interaction using machine learning, behavioral patterns, device data, malware signals, and more.

Integrated Compliance

Grow business confidently by proactively assessing the risk of potential and existing customers. Screen against global sanctions lists and use multi-vector risk profiles to monitor and highlight changes to customer profiles.

Hypergranular profiles

Scams are on the rise

Scams are difficult to detect. Feedzai measures both behavioral and transactional patterns at a lower level of detail, across more dimensions, and over a longer time period – creating hyper-granular profiles that reveal scams.

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RiskOps Studio

One Platform to Protect the Entire Customer Journey

Master financial crime prevention while maximizing financial opportunities. All the tools, data, and insights you’d need in one place so you can achieve revenue goals.

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AI and Machine Learning


Leverage tools and expertise that empower your team to create explainable models that are optimized for fairness, without compromising performance.

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