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of customers have been the victim of a financial scam


of customers say they will leave their bank if they do not get a refund for a scam


of customers aged 25-44 will leave their bank if it blocks a legitimate transaction

Source: The Human Impact of Fraud and Financial Crime on Customer Trust in Banks.

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Recreate the In-Branch Experience
for Digital Interactions

Customer Risk 360

Analyze each individual’s unique banking behavior to more accurately identify signs of duress and coercion

Proactive Prevention

Utilize a combination of scam-specific machine learning models and rules to stop scams sooner

Tailored Customer Journeys

Minimize friction, tailor operational treatment for scam victims, and educate customers

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Protect Your Customers from Scams

A proven platform to reduce losses and customer impact

Customer-Centric Risk Analysis

Maintain a 360 view of customer risk to continually verify if a user is acting as normal or showing signs indicative of coercion or manipulation.

Behavioral Biometrics and Transaction Patterns

Unlike other solutions, ScamPrevent natively analyzes customers’ multi-channel transactional activity, digital signals, and behavior over time using scam-specific machine learning models.

Self-Service and Explainability

Customize score thresholds and workflows to optimize decisions that trigger scam-specific alert workflows. Get clear explanations for triage teams to contact customers with understanding and empathy.

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