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Understand customer interactions at a granular level across all channels to detect behavioral changes associated with scams and authorized push payment (APP) fraud.

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Building Successful Scam Defenses

Predictive Analytics

Identify anomalies and uncover scams by layering transactional analysis with behavioral biometrics.

Industry Expertise

Combine top-tier fraud solutions and best practices, built upon decades of scam fighting experience.

Comprehensive Platform

Adopt a simple, unified approach to managing fraud risk on a comprehensive RiskOps platform.

Key Benefits

Protect Your Customers from Scams

Granular Customer Profiles

Build customer-centric profiles across a range of measures, including transactional amounts, spend patterns, and many more – all continually analyzed, updated, and verified at every interaction.

Transactional and Behavioral Risk Signals

Uncover signs of duress and scam risk through real-time, dynamic analysis of customers’ combined transactional activity, digital signals, device, and behavioral analytics.

Best Practice Models and Rules

Deploy scam detection models and rules that have been battle-tested and proven across the banking industry. Customize score thresholds and workflows to optimize decisions.

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