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RiskOps combines a unified approach to financial crime risks with the single platform to support it. It operationalizes risk management to open up revenue opportunities and build customer trust.

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Every phase of the customer journey is managed on a single platform avoiding duplication, saving costs, and simplifying business clarity.


Risk decisions based on individuals, not cohorts, for contextual and explainable conclusions resulting in trusted and consistent customer experiences.


A unified RiskOps Studio where all teams come together to work cohesively, share best practices, and consequently deliver a clearer and more confident view of risk.

RiskOps Studio

Comprehensive and Collaborative

A single, collaborative experience for all teams to access the data they need in one place, without any silos. No more wasting time adapting insights or best practices across departments.

Unify risk operations across channels to enhance detection strategies across business lines and use cases. Action alerts faster, with greater confidence, and aligned with standard workflows. Increase triage and investigator effectiveness with an intuitive user interface.

Uncover hidden links in financial crime activities with an AI-powered visual link analysis tool. Enable analysts to investigate and stop attacks with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Intelligent dashboards and reporting tools that drive continuous business and operational performance improvements. Achieve real customer intelligence to identify new threats and reveal new business opportunities.

Provide analysts with human-readable explanations to easily understand the underlying logic of machine learning decisions. Improve transparency and explainability for analysts, managers, and regulators.

Hypergranular Profiles


Compare an individual customer’s current and previous behavior for faster identification and alerting of activity that falls outside of their unique patterns. No more relying on group behaviors that too often overlook genuinely suspicious transactions.

Behavior + Transactions = Trust

Feedzai tracks and updates numerous profile traits from device and behavior to payments and account modifications. Real-time and historical behaviors can be created for any data element, including account, IP, address, etc.

Profiling You Control

Understand customers at a granular level to better identify relevant thresholds for any given scenario. Continually innovate to easily adapt and tune tolerances according to your risk appetite – with or without our involvement.

Digital Trust

Online Fraud Prevention

Continuously authenticate unseen elements behind every interaction with Feedzai’s unique 3 in 1 device, malware and behavior proactive defense. Create a digital fingerprint for each user based on biometric, behavioral, device, IP and network data, then continuously verify across the user journey.

Device and network data

Transparent protection for customers regardless of the device used to log in to an account – PCs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.
Eliminate the need to install or maintain agents or standalone software on customer devices.


Active Defense detects and defeats malware, phishing-based manipulation attacks, and Remote Access Trojan malware to protect credentials and user sessions.

Behavioral Biometrics

Non-intrusive BionicID™ models let our customers Know Their Users at every interaction, substantially reducing false positives and false negatives, preventing poor customer experiences, and freeing up resources to work on more complex investigations.

AI and Machine Learning

For Data Scientists

A winning combination for the future of financial crime prevention: numerous use-case specific patents; recognised as best-in-class for Fraud and AML by Aite and as one of the most successful AI companies by Forbes.

Deploy Models in Days, Not Weeks

Intelligent automation of the normally tedious parts of the data science workflow such as feature engineering and feature and model selection, and increase job satisfaction and retention for data scientists by allowing them to focus on the important parts of their job.

Bring-Your-Own Models

Quickly deploy any model from any source. Use standard APIs to import 3rd party models into our OpenML Engine, an all-in-one tool for data scientists. Leverage Feedzai’s use case-specific features and insights developed over years of fighting financial crime.

Fairness and Transparency

Core to the principles of Feedzai and RiskOps is to treat all customers as individuals. Our AI addresses this by a specific algorithm that automatically monitors fairness against accuracy. This provides low-cost bias reduction and mitigates discrimination.

Why Choose Feedzai

Partnering With Us

Built for Speed and Scale

Proven scalability to support high volumes with low latency with some of the largest and most innovative payment companies, banks, and fintechs. Able to crunch enormous amounts of data from multiple customer touchpoints in real time.

Local Experience, Global Footprint

Operating across five continents, we’ll help you launch new products, payment types, or channels across geographies. We understand the challenges that come with fast-changing regulatory landscapes and can guide you through the process.

Relentless, Continuous Improvement

Averaging over ten patents per year, we continuously invest in novel methods to increase fraud detection, reduce losses, and build customer trust. Our award-winning algorithms are recognized for innovation in financial crime prevention.

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