Account Opening Fraud Prevention


Obtain more customers in real-time with less friction. Evolve from zero trust to digital trust.

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Brands Trust Feedzai

Why Choose Feedzai

Create a Seamless and Safe
Account Opening Experience

Boost Customer Acquisition

Layer controls to acquire legitimate customers and keep fraudsters out. Intervene only where necessary to increase revenue from new applicants while lowering customer authentication costs.

Reduce Customer Friction

Leverage digital risk attributes to silently authenticate customers and prevent account opening fraud. Ensure streamlined applications for every customer.

Decrease Manual Reviews

Increase auto-acceptance rates using diverse data enrichers. Increase capacity for operational teams to focus on high risk applications.

Feedzai by the Numbers

Lower Customer Friction and Costs.
Stronger Fraud Detection.


Increase in new account approvals at a top global bank.


Saved in operational expense per year at a top Australian payments processor.


Reduction in fraud at an Israeli financial institution, after switching from a legacy provider.

Key Benefits

Build Digital Trust from Day One

Confidently and efficiently onboard new customers

Know Your User

Assess risk while reducing unnecessary friction and manual reviews by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your user through a combination of data enrichers: email, social media, device, behavioral biometrics, telco, and more.

Deliver Tailored

Create a unique experience for each applicant. Layer controls based on aggregated digital risk assessments and leverage leading machine learning models to perform in-depth analytics for each applicant at scale.

Simplify Investigations

Focus on high-risk applications and reduce investigation time using our interactive visual link analysis tool. Automatically uncover relationships between fraudulent accounts.

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