Know Your Customer/Customer Due Diligence

Continuous. Evolutionary. Proactive.

Customer risk profiling that dynamically evolves from onboarding through ongoing activity.

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Brands Trust Feedzai

Why Choose Feedzai

Customer Due Diligence that
Evolves as They Do

Perpetual KYC

Holistic risk score that dynamically evolves as customers interact with your business.

Interconnected Risk Signals

AML Transaction Monitoring, Payment Screening and Customer Screening insights are aggregated in one place.

Trigger-based Reviews

Proactive triggers are based on material risk changes as they occur – reducing reliance on periodic reviews.

Key Benefits

Continuously Assess Customer
Risk Effortlessly

Uplevel your KYC/CDD strategy with next-gen customer risk profiling

Dynamically Detect Risk in Customer Profiles

Continuously assess money laundering risk  while they interact with your business. Our Evolutionary Risk Profiling dynamically updates customer profiles using multiple risk vectors, like demographics, customer screening, operational patterns, and transactional patterns, to derive customer risk ratings.

Aggregate Money Laundering Risk Signals in One place

Consolidate insights from watchlists, adverse media, and transaction monitoring in one ecosystem to enhance investigation efficiency. Adjust thresholds and strategies based on your staffing levels and risk appetite.

Reduce Reliance on Periodic Reviews

Get proactive triggers significant changes in customer profiles to detect and remediate risk before the next scheduled review. Reserve human intervention for high-risk reviews and prioritize efforts on decision-making.

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