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Enterprise Fraud Management Report 2021

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Gain Valuable Insight into the
Leading Fraud Management
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Forrester, a leading global market research company, has released their much anticipated NowTech: “Enterprise Fraud Management” (EFM) 2021 report. Feedzai is honored to be recognized as an “advanced and complete fraud solution”. Download the EFM report to gain:

  • An overview of 37 enterprise fraud management (EFM) vendors
  • Unbiased recommendations on how to select a vendor based on domain and geography specific solution capabilities
  • Insights on vendors’ ability to combat fraud and provide a seamless customer Experience

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The Feedzai difference

Feedzai’s Fraud Protection Helps Financial Institutions:

Improve Fraud Detection

Machine learning-powered risk scoring ensures that more fraudulent events are detected — saving your business from bad intentioned fraudsters.

Reduce Customer Friction

With greater detection accuracy comes fewer false positives. Make sure you don’t get in the way of your good customers.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Leverage automation tools and intelligently designed Fraud Analyst and Data Science tools to boost employee efficiency.

Choose the Right Solution for Your Company

Feedzai Product Suite


Solution Type
Customizable Solution

Use Cases
Transaction Fraud, AML Transaction
Monitoring, Account Opening

Cloud, Hybrid and On-Prem

3 – 6 months

Machine Learning
Models with customizable

Machine Learning
Custom and standard rules

Product Upgrades
Custom, done by client


Solution Type
Standard Solution

Use Cases
Transaction Fraud,
AML Transaction Monitoring


8 – 12 Weeks

Machine Learning
Model with standard
out-of-the-box features

Machine Learning
Standard rules

Product Upgrades
1x/year, done by Feedzai

Protecting Companies with

+800M Customers Worldwide

Feedzai is the market leader in fighting fraud with AI. We’re coding the future of commerce with today’s most
advanced risk management platform powered by big data and machine learning.


of the world's Fortune
500 Companies monitored


of 5 largest banks in
North America protected


online transactions protected for
2 of the world’s most valuable
athletic brands


of global music streaming subscriptions monitored

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