Illustration of how banks can calculate the costs of false positives

0 Comments9 Minutes

The Real Costs of False Positives for Banks

False positives are a thorn in the side of almost every bank. Not only are they a…

illustration of how fraudsters target buy now, pay later (BNPL) platforms

0 Comments10 Minutes

How to Make BNPL Platforms More Secure for Merchants

Consumers love the buy now, pay later (BNPL) market because it offers them flexible…

illustration of how banks can protect consumers from p2p platform fraud - including Zelle Venmo and Paypal

0 Comments8 Minutes

Keeping P2P Payment Platforms Safe from Fraud

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau recently signaled it will extend its reach and…

Illustration showing fraudsters committing elder fraud in Brazil

0 Comments8 Minutes

The Financial and Emotional Cost of Elder Fraud

It’s a sad truth that senior citizens make attractive targets for fraudsters. I…

Illustration of how banks can catch money mules with inbound payment monitoring

0 Comments7 Minutes

Catch Money Mules with Inbound Payment Monitoring

Stopping outbound payments that pose a high fraud risk is the cornerstone of most…

Illustration of different tax scams that target consumers

0 Comments9 Minutes

Tax Scams to Watch for This Tax Filing Season

The American founding father Benjamin Franklin once said, “in this world nothing can be…

Banks preventing account takeover (ATO) attacks by understanding DNA

0 Comments7 Minutes

Understand Account Takeover DNA to Fight Fraud Better

As we discussed in our last post, account takeover (ATO) attacks can take on a life of…

Outline of how to decode the DNA of account takeover attacks

0 Comments9 Minutes

Decoding the DNA of Account Takeover Attacks

What makes account takeover (ATO) fraud so troublesome for banks, businesses, and…

Feedzai's Q2 2022 Financial Crime Report reveals why 2021 was the year of RiskOps for FIs

0 Comments4 Minutes

Q2 2022 Financial Crime Report: The RiskOps Age

Let’s face it: 2021 was a year for the books! It was the year we cheered the arrival of…

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