Woman facing fraud liability moving dollars from bank to piggy bank

0 Comments13 Minutes

Big Banks vs. Big Tech: Who is Liable for Online Fraud?

Who is liable for online fraud? That's the pressing question for governments, banks, and,…

illustration of banks evaluating customer risk levels with real-time risk scoring

0 Comments11 Minutes

How Issuers Can Get Real-Time Risk Scoring Right

The financial services industry has struggled with a “free rider” problem for a long…

illustration of rideshare driver and fraudster using embedded finance tools

0 Comments8 Minutes

3 Steps to Keep Embedded Finance Platforms Secure

What does any consumer expect first and foremost from a business in today’s…

illustration of the emotional toll of scams through social engineering, fraud

0 Comments14 Minutes

RiskOps Stories: The Emotional Toll Scams Take on Customers

In this second edition of RiskOps Stories, Feedzai’s Richard Harris speaks with Andrew…

illustration of the rise of scams in India - Q&A with Dan Holmes and India FinTech Forum

0 Comments14 Minutes

The Rise of Scams in India and How Banks Can Stop Them

I recently participated in India Fintech Forum’s digital event, The Rise of Scams: Scams…

Illustration of how digital trust creates a virtual handshake for digital banking

0 Comments9 Minutes

Why Digital Trust is Critical for Fraud Prevention

Today’s bank customers have grown accustomed to interacting with their financial…

Illustration of new Philippines banking regulation - BSP's Circular 1140

0 Comments6 Minutes

BSP’s Circular 1140 for Philippine Banks

If you’re a risk management leader in the Philippines, Circular No. 1140 might keep you…

Illustration of the latest 2021 annual fraud report findings

0 Comments8 Minutes

Understanding the UK Finance 2021 Annual Fraud Report

Fraud continues to rise, which is made crystal clear in the latest Annual Fraud Report…

Illustration of 4 types of complex ato attacks to watch for

0 Comments9 Minutes

4 Types Of Complex ATO You Need To Know About

Account takeover (ATO) is frequently thought of as a fraudster using someone’s genuine…

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