social engineering fraud targeting victims

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5 Ways Banks Can Tackle Social Engineering Fraud

Just as sharks are drawn to blood or bees are drawn to pollen, fraudsters are drawn to…

A breakdown of 2022 fraud trends to watch for

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Fraud Trends 2022: How Fraud Will Change This Year

For most people, a new year represents new opportunities and a chance to start over.…

Feedzai Top 10 Blogs - Thumbnail

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Feedzai’s Top 10 Fraud & FinCrime Blogs of 2021

First, fraudsters took their layered attacks to new heights with credit card cloning,…

What banks can learn from PPP fraud losses

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PPP Retrospective: Lessons to Prevent the Next Fraud Wave

While businesses and workers saw the $800 billion Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) as a…

What banks can do to respond to new FFIEC guidelines

0 Comments8 Minutes

5 Tips for Banks to Respond to New FFIEC Guidelines

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) recently announced updates…

Learn why fraud nomenclature should matter to banks

0 Comments9 Minutes

Why Fraud Nomenclature Should Matter to Banks

You would think “fraud” would be an easy enough term for the financial services sector to…

Feedzai asks the experts what makes fraud AML and AI so scary?

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What Makes Fraud So Scary? We Asked the Experts

Halloween might be the time of year when it’s fun to give your friends and neighbors a…

Definitive A to Z guide to fraud and scams

0 Comments15 Minutes

The Definitive A to Z Guide to Fraud and Scams

How well do you know fraud? As it turns out, we’re all learning new things about it every…

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100 ft Wave, 230 MPH, 3000 ft Cliff – Risk Management through the Eyes of World Champions

Risk implies an uncertain outcome with the possibility of loss or injury. Sounds scary,…

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