Illustration of synthetic identity fraud scam

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3 Tips for Banks to Catch Synthetic ID Fraud

In today’s digital-first environment where many interactions are virtual, even banks can…

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5 tips for banks to stop unemployment scams

The U.S. unemployment rate hit a mind-boggling 14.8% last year. That statistic translates…

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Why Card Not Present Fraud is Surging & How to Fight Back

Fraudsters are flying high on card-not-present (CNP) fraud attacks in which criminals…

Man with surgical mask on infront of a bright background works on laptop with flip image of financial crime criminal in the dark working on a laptop

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Q1 2021 Financial Crime Report: A Tale of Two Pandemics

Exclusive data from Feedzai reveals the state of financial crime, fraud trends, and the…

Magnifying glass over a credit card

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How to Boost Fraud Detection to Combat ATO Fraud

The US banking sector saw rapid Account Takeover (ATO) fraud attacks grow by 72% from…

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4 Ways Banks Can Prevent Romance Scam Heartbreaks

Valentine’s Day is around the corner which means the return of some familiar romantic…

6 important questions community banks should ask when investing in machine learning technology

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6 Questions to Ask When Investing in a Machine Learning Fraud Platform

There are numerous machine learning solutions available, and choosing the right one can…

stages of fraud from account access to transaction to monetization

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The 3 Stages of the Fraud Lifecycle

A fraud attack doesn’t just happen all at once. In fact, a single fraud event includes…

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Everything You Need to Know About Credit Card Cloning in 6 Minutes or Less

Credit card cloning – sometimes known as card skimming – is a type of credit card theft…

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