Senior citizen fraud scams that targeting elderly victims

0 Comments13 Minutes

Senior Citizen Fraud Scams and How to Stop Them

Fraud scams are a nasty business in and of themselves. But senior citizen fraud scams are…

Different types of people using cross-border payments

0 Comments11 Minutes

Keeping Cross-Border Payments Friction-Free

If there’s one lesson to be learned from Feedzai’s Q2 2021 Financial Crime Report it’s…

protecting consumers from travel fraud in the post-pandemic world

0 Comments11 Minutes

Travel Fraud to Watch Out For in the Post-Pandemic World

If there’s one thing that Feedzai’s Q2 2021 Financial Crime Report made clear, it’s this:…

Illustration of Feedzai Genome visually detecting fraud

0 Comments10 Minutes

How Genome Saves Time, Stops Crime

A fraud analyst's job sometimes seems like a game of Battleship. Too often it feels like…

Illustration of 5 things fraud analysts wished CROs understood about their jobs.

0 Comments10 Minutes

5 Things Fraud Analysts Wish CROs Knew

Although they work for the same company and have similar responsibilities, it often feels…

Illustration of changing travel patterns' impact on fraud in Feedzai's Financial Crime Report

0 Comments5 Minutes

Q2 2021 Financial Crime Report: The Dollar Takes Flight

What a difference a fiscal quarter makes! According to exclusive data outlined in…

Banks preventing account takeover (ATO) attacks by understanding DNA

0 Comments5 Minutes

Stop Account Takeover Fraud By Leveling Up Detection

The key to keeping pace with new account takeover (ATO) attacks boils down to a simple…

illustration of how fraudsters use authorized push payment fraud to scam customers

0 Comments12 Minutes

How Banks Can Stop APP Fraud

Fraudsters have several factors working in their favor these days. Instant payment…

Illustration of fraudsters using social engineering to push vaccine fraud

0 Comments12 Minutes

5 Tips for Banks to Cure Vaccine Fraud

Fraudsters notoriously use global events for their own ends. COVID-19 vaccine scams are…

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