Feedzai grew +40% in the last year and strengthened the global team

Feedzai, the leading RiskOps platform, announces that it ended its fiscal year with +40% year-over-year growth in exit annual recurring revenue (ARR). With a total of 24 tier one new logos across the globe, the company also recorded no churn on core customers. Additionally, extended contracts were signed with key clients like Citi Bank in North America, Lloyds Banking Group in EMEA, Picpay in LATAM, and Cuscal in APAC.

Last year the company received a $200 million Series D investment that gave it “unicorn company” status and allowed it to acquire Revelock, a leading behavioral and biometrics platform, later in the year. But it was also the year in which the company defined RiskOps as a new approach to risk management. RiskOps meets key industry challenges to seamlessly solve for Identity, Real-Time data, and collaboration across the customer lifecycle, increase productivity and enable financial services companies to deliver better outcomes for their customers.