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How it Works

Feedzai’s intelligent platform ingests and transforms multiple data streams and fraud insights across any channel, then enriches the data to create hypergranular risk profiles. Feedzai’s machine learning then works to process events and transactions in milliseconds and delivers explainable AI by adding a human-readable semantic layer to the underlying machine logic.

The result is better fraud prevention, streamlined operations, and improved customer experience.

Robust Machine Learning

Apply the latest machine learning techniques to proactively stay ahead of emerging fraud patterns.

Flexible Architecture

Solve for multiple use cases and break down data silos by easily building APIs on top of a single platform.

Federated Data Science

Improve the intelligence applied to creating custom ML models with extracted insights without risking data and privacy.

Cognitive insights for kinetic organizations

Pedro Bizarro, Feedzai’s co-founder and Chief Science Officer, explains Feedzai’s advanced machine learning technology and how companies around the world leverage it to keep them safe from fraud and financial crime.

Why Machine Learning?

With the emergence of digital channels, data is proliferating at a rate that traditional systems can’t process. Complex commerce makes for complex fraud, and this fraud is traversing every channel and payment type, seeking the weakest link, and attacking organizations with deeply unpredictable patterns.

Rules are good for what’s known. Today’s fraud is unknown. It takes a sophisticated system to turn your data into a management tool and detect new fraud, so you can see in more dimensions and make insights that scale.

State of the Art Technology

Use big data technologies like Hadoop and Cassandra along with in-memory, event streaming technology to detect fraud in real time.

Segment of One Profiles

Create hypergranular behavioral profiles in real-time for individual attributes, while baselining expected behaviors.

White box Explanations

Use human-friendly explanations to quickly review transactions and make decisions to meet compliance standards.

Automated discovery from thousands of models

Why it matters

With fraud patterns evolving fast and fraudsters using sophisticated tools, organizations face the likelihood of high financial loss and brand damage when hit with data breaches or massive attacks. To proactively guard the points of compromise, fraud tools need to be more nimble and self-adjust without continuous manual updates.

Feedzai’s integrated development and test environment instantaneously takes models from build to production all while optimizing for machine learning features,  so models are both predictable and accurate to expected results.

The best data science tools with FEEDZAI OpenML™

Data scientists want to work with the best open source tools. Open Machine Learning (OpenML) lets them do that. Via standard APIs, data scientists can import or integrate the best open source algorithms and externally developed models into the OpenML Engine, Feedzai’s all-in-one tool for data scientists.

OpenML gives data scientists access to the best open source languages, algorithms, libraries, and platforms and
combines them with Feedzai, a platform purpose-built, from the ground up, for fighting new and evolving financial crime.

Data Robot Partnership

Most recently, Feedzai announced an exciting new partnership with DataRobot, the leading provider of machine learning tools across industries, to allow banks, merchants, processors, and other financial institutions to incorporate DataRobot machine learning models directly into the Feedzai platform to create a superior platform for financial crime detection.

Complete data science framework

Build, test and deploy models iteratively without the need for advanced technical skills.

Powerful visualizations

Uncover fraud patterns and discover new insights that are elusive to human eye.

Specialized Automation Tools

Perform continuous experiments and tuning to extract the best model performance.

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