Why choose Feedzai?

Create a seamless and safe customer experience


Quickly expand to new channels, geographies and payment types. Our platform is made to support your growth — not get in the way.


Build models that address your specific business needs. Leverage Feedzai’s expertise and make the most of your data.


Score events in milliseconds. Make decisions effectively and extend frictionless experiences to your customers.

Feedzai by the numbers

Improved fraud detection. Less customer friction.


of fraudulent cards detected at a leading card issuer.


of fraudulent dollar volume detected at a top acquirer.


chargeback rate at a global merchant.

For Data Scientists

Machine Learning Engine

Achieved unparalleled risk scoring accuracy and employee efficiency by using Machine Learning Engine’s powerful AI tools.

Open ML

Build and train models with native support for commonly used data science tools such as DataRobot, H20, Python, and R. Ensure that data scientists have access to the tools and platforms of their choice.

Auto ML

Intelligently automate traditionally time-consuming parts of the data science workflow. Allow data scientists to focus on the more meaningful parts of their job.

Segment-of-One Profiles

Easily create hypergranular profiles for every individual entity (e.g., card, terminal, device, IP, etc.) over any specified time period. Build models and score events with unmatched accuracy.

Risk Ledger

Cross-industry data consortium that provides relevant insights into fraud and financial crime patterns. Facilitate comprehensive, timely, and accurate financial crime prevention.

Case Manager

Bring the power of AI into Case Manager. Boost the efficiency of financial crime prevention and increase detection accuracy.


Illustrate the actual shape of financial crime with our AI-powered visual link analysis tool. Enable analysts to identify and stop attacks with greater efficiency and accuracy.


Intelligent dashboards and reporting tools that drive continuous business and operational performance improvements.

Whitebox Explanations

Provide analysts with human-readable explanations to easily understand the underlying logic of machine learning decisions. Improve transparency and explainability for analysts, managers, and regulators.

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