June 12, 2019

Artificial Intelligence makes transactions via PicPay even safer

Partnership with the risk management specialist Feedzai allows the digital wallet to use machine learning to analyse financial transactions

As one of the main trends of the new economy, AI has proved to be a great ally in monitoring financial risks in digital environments, even as  its potential is still being explored. PicPay, the largest payment application in Brazil with more than 10 million users – has recently sealed a partnership with Feedzai, becoming a pioneer in the use of AI within a robust security system.

Through this partnership, the application will use machine learning, a method of data processing in the field of AI, to analyse thousands of transactions per second to prevent fraud and financial crimes. In addition, the tool speeds up the processing of payments, meeting the expectations of users for swift operations.

“PicPay sees artificial intelligence as the future and has taken a step forward by including it in its processes. Our focus is on the security of transactions made via the app and for this we have partnered with Feedzai, a leading technology company at the forefront of AI in the market”, said Diogo Roberte, cofounder of PicPay, also highlighting performance gains and operational efficiency.

“Innovative forms of payment offer great advantages for the consumer, who can now transact and buy instantly and anywhere. It is vital that all of these people are protected in real time. Artificial intelligence is the only technology capable of coupling security with user experience”, says Nuno Pires, Senior Vice President of Feedzai.

Feedzai products are used by large financial institutions, such as Citi, Lloyds Banking Group, First Data and many others.


About PicPay:
PicPay is the pioneering mobile payment application in Brazil, being a complete ecosystem with elements of social networks. Created in 2012, the app lets users pay friends, establishments and accounts via their mobile phone, instantly and without fees, moving and paying money on a secure, agile, simple and user-friendly platform. PicPay is revolutionising the way people relate to money by believing that behind every payment there is a unique experience.

About Feedzai:
Feedzai is the world’s first RiskOps platform, protecting people and payments with a comprehensive suite of AI-based solutions designed to stop fraud and financial crime. Feedzai is trusted by leading financial institutions to manage critical risk and compliance processes, safeguarding trillions of dollars of transactions while improving the customer experience and protecting the privacy of everyday users. For more information, visit feedzai.com.

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