May 22, 2017



Attainable, Explainable, and Controllable Artificial Intelligence

Orlando, FL May 22, 2017 – Feedzai, a leader in attainable AI for real-time risk management and fraud detection across banking and ecommerce, announced its participation in CNP EXPO 2017, May 22 – 25th in Orlando, FL.

CNP EXPO 2017: Transform your fraud and payment risks into revenue at the CNP Expo. Network and connect with other Card-Not-Present professionals. With over 50+ hours of education for ecommerce newcomers and veterans, learn how to leverage CNP Payments in an increasingly multi-channel retail sales environment.

Merchants today face hyper growth that extend beyond traditional channels. The lines are blurring between points of payment and points of fulfillment with consumers opting to shop online using multiple devices and picking up at locations that are not associated with their billing or home address. The shift in consumer behavior has created the necessity to build customer insights across different touchpoints and engagement channels. AI is the foundation for building customer intelligence at scale.

Feedzai is AI. Created for omnichannel merchants with omnidata capabilities, Feedzai is an agile machine learning platform built to meet the fraud needs of the entire organization. Extending beyond static rules based system, Feedzai adopts a hybrid approach that combines the power of machine learning with a rules engine to mitigate risk associated with known and unknown fraud. Feedzai’s machine learning platform unlocks the intelligence in transactional data along with enrichment data for a more complete, accurate picture of customer behavior. The result is better detection and fewer false rejects.

To find out more, meet a few of our Feedzai AI ambassadors at CNP EXPO 2017 May 23 – 24th. Visit Feedzai at Booth #327 to learn more about fighting fraud with AI and be entered to win a Nike backpack. We will be giving away Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Basketball Backpacks.

About Feedzai
Feedzai is AI. We’re coding the future of commerce with today’s most advanced risk management platform powered by big data and artificial intelligence. Founded and developed by data scientists and aerospace engineers, Feedzai has one mission: make commerce safe. The world’s largest banks, payment providers and retailers use Feedzai’s machine learning technology to manage risks associated with banking and shopping, whether digitally or in person.

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