Fraud Management Solutions

Prevent Payment Fraud
360 degree customer view

Understand behavior patterns of every single customer by processing information through every data source and channel.

Agile Fraud Prevention

Adapt to new types of fraud with a risk engine that also meets compliance standards such as PAN Tokenization and 2 Factor Authentication.

Fraud insights

Improve fraud prevention by understanding real-time insights and patterns of current fraud detection with intuitive reports.

Future-proof your business

What’s in the Box?

Feedzai’s intelligent platform provides a complete solution to detect and prevent fraud and is built for the needs of specific users including data scientists, fraud managers, analysts and business users. Feedzai is an end to end solution that offers data orchestration and risk scoring using rules and machine learning along with case management tools.

Data Transformation

Automate the ingestion and transformation of data-from any source-to a standardized format used in risk scoring.

Risk Engine

Improve accuracy in predicting fraud by scoring risk in real-time using a combination of rules and machine learning models.

Case Management & Reporting

Make decisions faster with human-readable whitebox explanations and recommendations for list management.

Maintain complete control

Toolkit for everyday analysts and seasoned data scientists

Feedzai’s data science framework is designed to meet the needs of both analysts and data scientists, without requiring knowledge of technologies such as Hadoop, NoSQL and Java. Our data science models and plans provide high data integrity throughout the entire data lifecycle, from source to sync. Clear and repeatable processes for data assurance ensure data quality while leaving audit trails for compliance.Teams can monitor the performance of models and make decisions to retrain without the need for vendor support.

With whitebox explanations, there’s always an audit trail for why decisions were made and automated list recommendations provide analysts with the ability to constantly provide insights back to the machine.

Engineer fraud features

Make models more effective with automated feature engineering to predict and prioritize the importance of features in every algorithm.

Optimize and Test Scenarios

Improve predictability and accuracy by testing scenarios with champion challenger in one risk sandboxing environment. Learn More…

Iterate and deploy models

Decrease iteration and deployment times with a deeper understanding of how rules and models impact the performance of the entire system.


Deployment options to suit your needs

At Feedzai, we understand that every business has different needs, and we know the importance of providing an agile solution. We are committed to offering several deployment methods including on-premises, cloud, and a hybrid of both. Feedzai can be completely installed on-premises and scaled as your business grows.


Run Feedzai’s platform on your internal servers under your control. House your data internally with our scalable, extensible solution.


Control the ability to scale as needs change with a cloud deployment, removing the burden of maintenance from your internal resources.


Choose to host certain applications in the cloud and other core systems on-premises for a combined deployment approach.

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