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Using Digital Trust to Stop Impersonation and Manipulation Attacks

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Account takeover (ATO) fraud is on the rise. Total consumer losses from ATO fraud rose by 90% in 2021. Impersonation and manipulation attacks enable this troublesome and costly type of fraud.

Impersonation attacks use stolen credentials, often obtained via phishing, malware, or data breaches. Manipulation attacks utilize legitimate remote access software or trick victims into executing a form of malware to hijack a device or online banking session.

Feedzai’s Digital Trust solution protects users from both impersonation and manipulation attacks by analyzing thousands of users, networks, and system parameters collected during every online interaction.

Download our solution guide to learn more about how our Digital Trust solution:

  • collects thousands of non-PII parameters starting with behavioral biometrics
  • creates a unique digital profile of an individual customer that is continuously updated
  • works in the background to confirm the online user is genuine

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