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Intelligent customer screening using up-to-date, global risk-related watchlists and adverse media.

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Brands Trust Feedzai

Why Choose Feedzai

Comprehensive RiskOpsfor Watchlist Managementand Customer Screening

Protect YourReputation

Ensure your customer base remains trustworthy and legitimate.

Increase ScreeningEfficiency

Automatically screen potential and existing customers against hundreds of sanctions lists.

RemediateCustomer Risk

Take action from day one with pre-packaged best practices, actionable insights, and intuitive case management.

Lower Total Costof Ownership

Reduce vendor management costs and aggregate all data sources on one platform.

Feedzai by the Numbers

Reliable Customer Screeningwithout the Headache


Global sanctions lists and adverse media


Lower total cost of ownership


Faster go-live with Feedzai cloud

Key Benefits

Do Business withTrustworthy Customers

Automate sanctions screening to keep out illicit actors

Enhance ScreeningAccuracy

Evolve from binary matching logic. Correctly identify customers flagged on sanctions lists, PEP/RCA, and adverse media using our fuzzy match algorithm, which distinguishes name variations or misspellings to reduce false positives.

Plug and PlayData Sources

Maintain flexibility in leveraging watchlists and adverse media relevant to your business. Our platform is data agnostic and displays contextual insights in one interface for better decision-making.

Automate Watchlist Management

Screen potential and current customers against the most up-to-date, global risk-related watchlists. Watchlists are automatically updated in near real-time in alignment with the appropriate authority.

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