Illustration of South America and shield with padlock - demonstrating Feedzai partnership with Dock

In the rapidly evolving world of fintech, security remains a paramount concern. As a global leader in fraud and money laundering prevention, Feedzai continually strives to extend our cutting-edge technologies' reach. That's why we are thrilled about our strategic partnership with Dock, a Latin America-based B2B leader in payments and banking technology. This collaboration is a monumental step forward in our mission to provide robust, AI-driven fraud prevention tools to businesses of all sizes, especially in the Latin American market.

A Perfect Synergy: Feedzai and Dock Partnership

Dock has been on a relentless mission to democratize access to financial services in Latin America, boasting 70 million active accounts and powering over seven billion transactions annually. Their platform, Dock One, offers an array of services, including card issuing, digital banking, and credit solutions, to companies aiming to scale their businesses. On the other hand, Feedzai brings to the table over a decade of experience and a proprietary framework of advanced machine learning models for fraud detection and prevention.

This partnership represents a harmonious blend of Dock’s localized expertise and Feedzai’s global technological prowess. It’s more than just a business collaboration; it’s a shared vision to create a safer financial ecosystem in Latin America.

The Power of Feedzai’s RiskOps Platform in Latin America

One of the cornerstones of this partnership is Feedzai’s RiskOps Platform. The platform standardizes processes to uncover criminal activity, thereby strengthening the security infrastructure. What sets RiskOps apart is its Financial Intelligence Network (FIN) database, containing over one trillion data points, sessions, and profiles of both good and bad actors. This comprehensive view enables robust threat detection, fewer false positives, and less friction for the end customer.

Expanding Horizons: A Focus on Latin America

The partnership also marks Feedzai’s focused allocation of resources to serve the expansive Latin American market. Tatiana Sanches, General Manager of Feedzai for Latin America, emphasized, “Our partnership with Dock will allow small and medium-sized customers access to one of the most advanced machine learning technologies for fraud prevention on the market, integrated with Dock’s solutions.”

What’s Next for Feedzai and Dock?

Beyond just fraud prevention, plans are already in place to integrate Feedzai’s money laundering prevention tools into Dock’s platform. This will provide Dock’s customers with a 360º view of real-time risks, further strengthening the security net.

This partnership is a significant milestone in Feedzai’s Latin American expansion strategy and reaffirms our commitment to making the world a safer place to do business. By joining forces with Dock, we are not just integrating technologies; we are synergizing our visions to create a future where businesses in Latin America can operate securely and efficiently.

At Feedzai, we are more energized than ever to continue driving forward innovations that empower businesses and protect consumers. Together with Dock, we are setting a new standard for financial security in Latin America, one that other markets around the world can look up to.

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